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    We are aware of the fact that you cannot do without cables in the garden - be it for connecting a lamp, a fountain or for operating the equipment necessary for plant care. However, it is possible to control them! A socket hidden in the stone allows you to organize cables and additionally decorate our garden.

    108,99 zł
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    An unusual figure of a kneeling Buddha that gives every green corner an oriental character. The Buddha was made of high quality white architectural concrete that can withstand most weather conditions (. The figure is patinated to emphasize the shapes. Very original decoration for a home garden, public spaces, parks, hotels.

    228,99 zł
  • Maintained in a classic, timeless style, three-level fountain on summer days will not only please the eye, but also add refreshment and freshness. This classic will give grandeur to any green corner. The whole is made of high quality architectural concrete , resistant to all weather conditions (rain, sun, frost).

    3 599,99 zł
  • A beautiful, subtle figure of the Virgin Mary that highlights the beauty of any church interior. It was made of high-quality, weather-resistant architectural concrete and rubbed in with a gray patina to highlight the shapes. The figure can decorate a church square, a garden, a rectory, a sacristy, a church or a monastery.

    499,00 zł
  • A beautiful bird drinker without unnecessary decorations, which will never fade away. Thanks to its classic look, it will be a great gift for someone special - it will fit into any green corner and will look good on any terrace. The drinking bowl is made of high-quality weather-resistant architectual concrete.

    88,99 zł
  • A tall, beautiful bird drinker on an elegant base. The drinking bowl is made of high-quality weatherproof architectural concrete. There is nothing better than relaxing in your own beautiful garden and watching the birds splash happily in the drinker.

    245,00 zł

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  • Diese ausdrucksstarke und sorgfältig gearbeitete Figur einer Frau mit Blumengirlande wird Ihren Garten wunderbar schmücken. Die Figur besteht aus hochwertigem weißem Beton und ist widerstandsfähig gegen alle Witterungsbedingungen, einschließlich Frost. Es kann eine schöne Dekoration für einen Hausgarten, öffentliche Räume, Hotels, Parks und...

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  • The nice peeing boy with is a figure made of the highest quality, weather-resistant aggregate. A beautiful decoration for a home garden, public space, companies, etc. It will certainly attract attention and cheer up the surroundings.

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  • A nice small dachshund that will win the heart of every guest of your garden! The figure is made of high-class white architectural concrete, resistant to all weather conditions (rain, sun, frost). A beautiful decoration for a home garden, public spaces, parks, hotels.

    74,99 zł

It won't be ordinary shopping - it could be the beginning of your new passion!

It is known for a long time that contact with nature harmonizes and allows you to slow down, which is very desired nowadays. There is a reason it is said that the garden can be a reflection of a person's soul. Our goal is therefore to bring you closer to create your dream green corner, which can be not only garden, but also terrace or even a small balcony . Even the modest decoration can significantly change the look of your garden and make you constantly willing to rest in your green privacy.

If you only have the opportunity to create such a place, don't wait, just take appropriate action. The investment related to these activities will be one of the best, the one that will provide many benefits that cannot be measured in money.


We can breathe soul into stone - enchant your garden with us!

Sometimes it takes really little to conjure up a place full of magic and unique atmosphere from a seemingly ordinary garden. We have an effective patent for it: use  elements of small architecture in your space with a decorative function: figures, sculptures, flower pots, garden fountains, bird drinkers, lamps and Japanese pagodas as well as garden furniture. The items we offer are selected with the utmost care so that they become a source of joy and serve as long as possible .

We also pride ourselves on formed trees and shrubs and garden bonsai shaped on the basis of different varieties of pines, junipers, box trees  and more. A powerful bonsai specimen will give dignity and elegance to any setting.

Let yourself be drawn into the magical world enchanted in stone and feel the added value!

Great contact

Professionalism and competence are the strengths of our company in serving each client. Our clients' ideas are implemented quickly and efficiently.


Individual approach

We approach each client individually, we try to get to know and implement the visions of everyone willing to cooperate with us. The only limit is your imagination!


A wide range of products

We offer not only a variety of garden and terrace decorations, but also molded shrubs and powerful specimens of garden bonsai.



We not only sell decorations for green spaces, but also cooperate with landscape architects, gardeners and sculptors.

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