Who are we?

We are a Polish company that consists of a young, enthusiastic team. We are guided by the idea that contact with nature harmonizes and soothes , which is very desirable nowadays, when the clock hands have greatly accelerated. There is a reason why it is said that the garden can be a reflection of the human soul. Our goal is therefore to bring you closer to create your dream green corner , which can be not only garden , but also terrace or even a small balcony . If you only have the opportunity to create a place like your own, perfect garden, then do not wait, just take appropriate action . The investment related to these activities will be one of the best, the one that will provide many benefits that cannot be counted in terms of money.

The basis of our business is the sale of decorative products intended for arranging gardens, hotels, cafe gardens, recreational areas , as well as residential buildings . The items we offer are selected with the utmost care so that they become a source of joy and serve as long as possible.

We pride ourselves on formed trees, shrubs and garden bonsai from different varieties of pines, junipers, box trees and other plants. Such a powerful bonsai specimen will give dignity and elegance to any environment it finds itself in.

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Why is it worth coming to us?

We approach each client individually , we try to get to know and implement the visions of everyone willing to cooperate with us. Your imagination is the only limit! You didn't find what you were looking for? No problem, let us know and your vision can be realized by sculptors cooperating with us. Professionalism and competence are the strengths of our company in serving each client.

If you are a novice in the field of landscaping, you can consult professionals, people who have a broader understanding of the subject. For this purpose, we invite you to our stationary store in Zbytków - we offer help and advice. We also work with landscape architects who can comprehensively help you arrange a new green corner.

We also undertake implementation of green areas in cooperation with gardeners , at the same time using the wide range of our trees and shrubs . We implement gardens mainly in Silesia, near Żory, Skoczów, Pszczyna , Cieszyn , Wisła, Ustroń , Katowice, Gliwice , Tychy , Sosnowiec , Bielsko - Biała , Kęty , Szczyrk , Żywiec.

Why is our store unique?

Our products will make reality and art come together and create a perfect space for you:

Garden bonsai

Our pride are beautifully formed specimens of shrubs and trees and garden bonsai - cared for and shaped by people with many years of experience. The age of the most interesting and the oldest specimens exceeds 80 years . All plants are adapted to our Polish conditions .

We are a distributor of these plants, apart from the role of intermediaries, we manage to maintain extremely low prices , which, combined with the quality, make our offer attractive.

A wide range, the highest quality shrubs and formed trees as well as knowledge and experience allowed us to gain a group of satisfied customers - both retail and wholesale.

Stone carvings

We are open to all visions of our customers, even those seemingly difficult to implement. A stone tree as a pedestal for a balcony? No problem! A unique sandstone fountain with a carved lion's head? It could be done! We work with passionate artists who approach each project professionally, making their works with the highest precision .

Concrete decorations on white Danish cement

All elements of small architecture presented in our Store, such as figures, home and garden decorations, fountains, flower pots, bird drinkers, Japanese pagodas and a whole range of other decorations made of architectural concrete come from partner companies - thus the prices are competitive .

We also care about high quality, so we make sure that the items we choose are made of the best-chosen mixtures of aggregates. Thanks to this, they are resistant to all weather conditions - they are frost-, rain- and snow-resistant and they do not fade or change color due to constant exposure to sunlight.

Sandstone fountain