4 types of fountains that will change the face of your garden

4 types of fountains that will change the face of your garden
A beautiful, well-kept garden is the showpiece of every home. And how to make it a special place? In many ways - even the most modest decoration can significantly change the appearance of your garden and make you constantly mind to rest in your green corner.Among garden decorations, water ornaments - fountains - are the most prominent.

A beautiful, well-kept garden is the showpiece of every home. And how to make it a special place? In many ways - even the most modest decoration can significantly change the appearance of your garden and make you constantly mind to rest in your green corner. Among garden decorations, water ornaments - fountains - are the most prominent.

Fountain, nice to the eye, nice to the ear!

The fountains have won the recognition of many, not without reason - people attach importance not only to vegetation, but also water. All this is due to its gentle hum that can soothe even the most frayed nerves . The movement of water brings life to the garden , provides an extraordinary visual experience , adds refinement to the surroundings and improves the microclimate . Its qualities are most appreciated in summer - on hot days it adds refreshment and freshness .

For centuries, the flowing water has been given a special meaning - according to the Chinese art feng shui water introduces and accumulates good energy for the inhabitants of the house and symbolizes wealth. For good reason: literally translated feng shui - means "water and wind", because wind and water shape the landscape and symbolize the flow of energy. In line with this art of arrangement, it is recommended to add as many water elements as possible to your surroundings - you can start by installing a fountain in front of the house. The fountain should be running at all times to prevent water stagnation, which is associated with the accumulation of bad energy.
The fountain, whether it creates a high plume of water or a small, gurgling stream, decorates the garden space and gives it character .

In combination with the pond , a popular water garden decoration, the fountain wins with two points: the water flowing through it is constantly in motion, thanks to which the number of mosquitoes hatching in summer is much smaller. The problem of algae growth is also minimized as the water is better oxygenated.

We also have good news for bird lovers : gardens with fountains are a permanent home for many of our winged friends who, having enough water in this large, dignified "drinker", decide to nest nearby. The garden fountain then becomes not only a huge water reservoir, but also a bathtub for the more mischievous specimens.

Which fountain to choose?

Having a fountain, contrary to appearances, is not bothersome. Most concerns arise when choosing a fountain: where to set it and whether it will match the style of our garden.

The next step is purchasing a fountain and appropriate devices for it - we provide advice on this matter, based on many years of experience. Only installation of the fountain and you can admire and enjoy the new acquisition.

The variety of garden fountains forms allows you to adapt them to virtually any style of environment and on any terrain . Fountains are a solution not only for owners of gardens at home, but they can also be installed on terraces and even on balconies , keeping in mind only their sizes. Our fountains are also installed in interiors: in an elegant hall of a wedding house or hotel, as a focal point of a restaurant or café, as well as in houses decorated in a classic style - the only limit is your imagination!

1. Fountain in the pond

Our fountains have closed circuit , which means that you don't need to supply water to them - a pump with a filter in one housing , electricity to power the pump and water already poured into the fountain, that's all the fountain needs! If there is already a pond in our garden, let's use it - the fountains of a beautiful sculpture flowing into the pond will give it a unique character. The fountain can then collect water directly from the surface of the pond.

The Cadekor store offers figures pouring water - these are casts made of high quality concrete mix, showing not only geometric figures, but also figures or animals. These figures are specially designed for ponds - in the water, we place the pedestal attached to the figure on a stable surface, which is also the place for the water pump. On the pedestal there will be our figure from which water will gush straight into the pond with a gentle stream.

2. Freestanding fountain

Freestanding garden fountains are a great solution for owners of small gardens where there is no space for a pond. These large-size, weighing several tons, perform representative function and are the main decoration of parks, hotels, public buildings, as well as green areas belonging to them.

Place the fountain on a stable surface in a place where an external power source can be connected. It can be placed directly on the lawn, on a specially prepared place lined with paving stones, as well as in the center of a flower bed - there are many ways to arrange it. We recommend a substrate lined with cobblestones or decorative stone due to the spraying water - depending on the power of the pump used, a small part of the water may splash out of the fountain basin, contributing to the formation of mud around its base.

A freestanding fountain usually consists of a base, a different number of bowls and figurines crowning the top. In the base there is a place to put a water pump - it is so thought that both the pump and the power cable are aesthetically hidden.

3. Wall-mounted fountain

This solution will work even in small gardens or terraces . Waterhole not only gives an interesting visual effect, but is also very functional, as it can be used as a place to rinse your hands.

Most often it is a tile with a decorative element from which a stream gushes, connected to a bowl collecting water. Wall water intake enclosure is installed on masonry or house wall . It can be connected to an existing water intake or a closed circuit can be created.

We all associate this type of fountains with old, romantic gardens - they look the most beautiful on the wall, overgrown with abundant creepers.

4. Water cascade

Water overflowing through the next floors foams and rustles, making the garden dynamic and interesting character.

Fountain cascade works best in places where the sounds of the street and the city noise near the plot make it difficult to relax and rest.

This type of fountain is the closest to natural streams shaped by nature - certainly fauna living in your garden will love this new element of your garden.

The fountain in the garden is not only an attractive decorative element but also a place to relax and calm down. At the same time, if we get bored with the sound of water or it becomes irritating, turning off the water pump, in the moment we regain the silence.

The benefits of having a fountain in your garden are undeniable. Contrary to appearances, its assembly does not have to cause many difficulties - all necessary elements can be obtained in our Cadekor store.



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