Jak przygotować ogród na zimę? Jak zabezpieczyć fontannę ogrodową na czas zimy? W tym krótkim wpisie dowiesz się, co należy zrobić, aby fontanna ogrodowa przetrwała wiele sezonów, nie tracąc swoich walorów estetycznych.
Stone lanterns, as works of Far Eastern art, are an inseparable element of Japanese gardens. The most characteristic of them is the pagoda - where do they come from, how do they differ and what does the number of floors symbolize?
Japanese gardens are characterized by simplicity and elegance. They emphasize the harmonious beauty of nature, serve contemplation and strive for balance. We can also create a substitute of a Japanese-style garden in Polish realities: in a home garden or on a green terrace.
A beautiful, well-kept garden is the showpiece of every home. And how to make it a special place? In many ways - even the most modest decoration can significantly change the appearance of your garden and make you constantly mind to rest in your green corner.Among garden decorations, water ornaments - fountains - are the most prominent.


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